Designing with comics

Studio ComX® is a studio for conceptual design, specializing in the design and manufacturing of lifestyle products using original comics art while combining pop-art elements, and developing comic characters for licensing.

The studio major inspiration source is life itself: interesting day to day situations, objects, people, movies, or just wild imagination.

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Shark Attack

We use comics for design

One type of projects that we love is designing spaces with comic art. These are the most creative work we do.

We transform people’s dreams into reality and create a unique and original comic art illustration.

While using advanced printing techniques, we use the art to design the interior space of their home, store or office.

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Comic characters are so cute

Creating a great comic character depends a lot on the eyes of the character. The eyes transfer emotions and feelings to the viewer.

There is a reason why people say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Once you draw the eyes of the character, it becomes alive. Creating great looking eyes to the character is almost half of the work.

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Creating products with comics

We specialize in designing and manufacturing of lifestyle products that are made using our original comics art.

We hand pick the products that we want to create so the will be the perfect medium for our art. 

We manufacture products like place mats, mugs, coasters, clocks, pillows, wall art, etc.

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Comics is communication

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