Our Characters

Lilly The Sheep

Lilly The Sheep® is the it-girl of the ComX Land.

Lilly is all about being chic and fashionable, modern and updated.

She likes to dress up and do girly stuff: use makeup, nail polish and wear cool accessories. read more… 

Bella The Cow

Bella The Cow
Bella The Cow® is the most awesome cow in the world.

Bella is all about romance, friendship and having a great time.

Bella is very active and enjoys traveling, dancing and doing all sorts of sports activities. read more…


The Babies

What could be sweeter than babies?

You got it right, Our babies!

These sweet lovable creatures just want to get everyone’s attention and have lots of fun. Read more…

Our Friends

Bella and Lilly have lots of friends.

Lilly’s and Bella’s friends are a colorful bunch. They are fun to hang with and there is always an adventure waiting to happen. read more…