One of the key decision we make while issuing a license is to find the right partner that will represent our brand values and live up to the high standards we set regarding concepts, product style, product quality etc. keeping up to our high standards is a key element for a long and successful partnership.  

All of our licensors are leading and well-established brand in Europe, Russia, and Israel.

We operated licensing programs for production of various products such as Stationary and Backpacks, Apparel, Plush, Accessories, Novelties, Home Textile, Health & Beauty, Footwear etc.

Stationery & Backpacks

The studio operates licensing deal for the production of stationery and backpacks with “Palphot”, Israel’s biggest back to school manufacturer, and “Kal Gav”, Israel’s biggest backpacks manufacturer.

The studio and its products are considered as one of the leading brands in the field with higher sales rate the some of the world’s most famous brands.


The studio operates licensing deal for the production of apparel with “Expose”, Israel’s leading apparel and swim suites fashion company. Under the licensing agreement, Expose manufactures a broad line of products with our characters like pajamas, underwear etc.

The market reaction to our great looking designs is awesome and the brand enjoys a steady growth and high sales rate.


The Studio operated a licensing deal with “Toy World” international toys manufacturer and distributor That represents companies like Disney, Lego, MGA etc. 


Together with “Toy World” the studio plush products are been sold in the local Israeli market and the international market like Italy, Russia etc.

Home Textile

The Studio operated a licensing deal with “Home Style” Israel’s leading home textile manufacturer and distributor. 

The Studio’s products are loved by the Israeli market and keep a steady growth rate of sales.


he Studio operated a licensing deal with “My Gifts” one of Israel’s leading accessories manufacturer and distributor.

The Studio’s products enjoy a high rate of sales and growth in the market share.