About Us

Studio ComX is an illustration studio that is focused on creating comic characters for licensing. 

Our characters are used by our licensors to create beautiful licensed products: back to school products, backpacks, home textile, pajamas, accessories, novelties etc. 

How did it all begin

It all started in 2004 when I had a dream of creating and selling original comics-style artwork. 

We opened our studio, collected a great bunch of talented people and created comics artworks.

We used our art work to create products and started selling them in Dizingof Center mall in Tel Aviv.
The reactions to our products and the demand were amazing. 

Very quickly we opened more selling points in malls and stores all across Israel.  

Our first selling point in Dizengof Center

As we continued to grow we have added more products to our collection and started to offer different design and illustration services to individuals and brands. 

And we kept growing. people loved our products and our unique vivid style. we started to get noticed by the media and by major brands. 

Pillows designed by the studio

The huge exposure we had on the media had got the attention of major companies in Israel and had led to us signing the first licensing deal in 2006. 

Comics strip design

Our first licensing deal was with Visa cal – Israel credit card company that bought the rights to use our artworks on their credit card.

Soon after that, we have signed a licensing deal for the production of back to school product featuring our character Bella The Cow©.

Since then we have developed more characters and signed additional licensing deals for selling more products with our characters on them, making us one of Israels largest licensors.